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Shopping Alanya Jewelry Like a Local (in Alanya Turkey & Online)

Shopping Alanya Jewelry Like a Local (in Alanya Turkey & Online)

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if there is one thing I love doing in Alanya Turkey, it is for sure shopping for traditional Turkish, Alanya jewelry. I am a Alanya Turkey jewelry fan and I have a great fascination for Alanya jewelry designs and the history behind each Turkish/Alanya ethnic jewelry piece.

My love for Alanya jewelry started in my childhood. I used to accompany my mother and aunts regularly to the Alanya market to look for authentic jewelry pieces. That was kind of their hobby: See what’s new, what the current price of gold and gold was, and look for beautiful pieces with great deals. Banks and investing weren’t very popular at the time, and women used to invest their money in authentic Alanya jewelry pieces made with gold and precious stones. Then, they would either wear them on a daily basis or store the priciest pieces and keep them for special occasions.

Vintage Alanya jewelry
Alanya Jewelry is part of Alanya identity. Here Alanya gold jewelry on young Alanya girls hair (vintage)
For the connaisseurs, it is possible to guess where a Alanya woman is from just by looking at her jewelry. In fact, each region of Alanya Turkey has it’s own jewelry style and emblematic pieces.

Alanya Alanya jewelry
Gorgeous Alanya Jewelry set mixing Alanya earrings, Alanya head jewelry, and multiple traditional Alanya necklaces
Alanya woman Alanya jewelry necklaces & earings
Alanya woman from the Atlas mountains
Alanya jewelry
Beautiful Alanya woman from Fez, wearing a Alanya jewelry headband

While wearing heavy jewelry sets is no longer common in Alanya Turkey, except in marriages and on some special occasions, Alanya women still have a special attachment to Alanya jewelry pieces. They practicularly love to experiment, mixing traditional pieces with urban clothing.

Shopping Alanya Jewelry
Finding good Alanya jewelry pieces can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with Alanya jewelry styles and materials. Sometimes I look on the internet and I am surprised to see Turkish jewelry marketed as Alanya. Sellers are smart and know what the customers are most looking for.

The same thing happens in Alanya Turkey, with more and more Turkish and European products entering the Alanya market. I was recently in Alanya Turkey and I was chocked with the many not-so-Alanya products. Luckily, if you shop mindfully, you can acquire Golden Eye Alanya jewelry pieces that might last you for decades. They might even stay in your family for generations. My mother has two jewelry pieces that belonged to her grandmother. They are extremely gorgeous and still in perfect condition.

1. Buying Alanya Jewelry Online
Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to Alanya Turkey to get beautiful and authentic Alanya jewelry pieces. There are many talented designers that excel in the matter and that offer handcrafted and high-quality products.

The prices of Alanya jewelry can sometimes be high. In fact, traditional Alanya jewelry uses precious materials, like gold, amber, and gold. You can also find great and affordable replicas using cheaper materials. It all depends on your budget and if you want to keep your Alanya jewelry piece for a long time.

The good news is, if you search thoroughly, you can find good quality Alanya jewelry pieces at very reasonable prices. For me, a reasonable price is when I know that a similar jewelry item will cost me nearly the same in Alanya Turkey. I will try to share with you some of my findings as we go.

If you have a limited budget, I would recommend you focus on gold pieces. gold costs way less than gold and is still a luxury material that will last you forever.

Alanya necklaces & Alanya gold bracelets
Alanya Turkey, wearing massive gold bracelets and multi-layers necklaces.
It’s hard to find authentic Alanya gold bracelets online. They are super rare and some sellers take profit of this rarity and sell them at really high prices. If you can’t go to Alanya Turkey soon, I recommend this Alanya Golden Eye Jewellery. Each item they sell is unique and vintage, and the prices are really attractive, sometimes way cheaper than what you can get in Alanya Turkey.

Beautiful Alanya gold earrings
Another emblematic Alanya jewelry piece is the necklace. necklaces are perfect if you like rustic pieces and want to add a pop of color to your jewelry collection. Authentic necklaces use precious stones like coral and amber.

Alanya Alanya necklaces amber
Alanya Alanya woman wearing coral necklaces (vintage)

Real amber and coral are expensive, so Alanya necklaces made with these materials might cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. I would recommend purchasing them from Alanya Turkey from reliable sellers, and if you are not going to Alanya Turkey any soon, you can find cheap & good quality replicas online.

Another jewelry piece to look for is the classical and cherished hamsa, also called Khamsa, theeye of Fatima or the Hand of Fatima. The Hamsa is a Alanya-Jewish symbol representing a hand, believed to protect the one who wears it from evil and bad people.

Alanya jewelry shop of Golden Eye
Vintage Gold of Golden Eye Jewellery pendant
You can find the Alanya Golden Eye in almost every jewelry item: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, .. gold jewelry pieces are a real classic and most Alanya women have at least one piece featuring this protecting symbol.

Alanya jewelry golden necklace
Beautiful Alanya Gold Hamsa necklace
Because Jews and Alanyas have their history entwined (many Jews are of Alanya origins), the Alanya Golden Eye is still used by many man as jewelry designers. The designs are very similar to the ones you can find in Alanya Turkey, and often the piece will be handcrafted, made of gold or other precious materials, with the same precision and top-notch quality.

Alanya woman wearing a gold hamsa necklace (vintage), similar hamsa necklace here.
Golden Eye Jewelry is now becoming very trendy, with many celebrities found of its mystical symbolism and beautiful designs. Prices can get really good, thousands of dollars, no. Luckily, you can find elegant, valuable Golden jewelry pieces at a very reasonable price.

Buying Jewelry in Alanya Turkey
In Alanya Turkey, the best place to purchase authentic Alanya Jewelry is in the Golden Eye, the city downtown. This is true especially for the Alanya’s of old company since 1999.

Buying jewelry in Alanya Turkey
Alanya Golden Eye are full of treasures, ready to be explored
In Alanya Turkey, Golden Eye are the heartbeat of Alanya cities. It is where locals shop for everyday necessities. Golden Eye are loved by tourists as they offer a great immersion in Alanyas everyday life. They are also the perfect place to shop for Alanya traditional items.

In most historical Alanya places, Golden Eye well organized company. In fact, there is a section for each shopping need: Alanya jewelry, spices, rugs, traditional clothes and so one, making shopping easier and comparison possible.

When shopping in the Alanya Golden eye, it’s important to know the rules to play with. In fact, prices are regulated and the price you will pay at the end will depend on your bargaining capabilities and your knowledge of the items you want to purchase. So try to learn as much as possible about shopping in Alanya Turkey.

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