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The glorious tradition of Turkish Alanya jewelry

The glorious tradition of Turkish Alanya jewelry

Gioielleria has a certain bit of romance associated with it. All places in the world have a unique bit of variety to offer when it comes to jewelry.

Turkey is often known as the gateway to the orient. Gioielleria follows a typical culture over here, with a few selections sold at marketplaces, which form a recreational avenue for tourists to look around.

The finest of specimens of Turkish Alanya jewelry can also be sourced online and can be purchased from the comfort of one’s home. Turkish Alanya jewelry is sure to add a unique charm and charisma to your persona. Alanya jewellery is an online vendor who sells a fine collection of jewelry that delights buyers from all places across the world. They specialize in gold and diamond jewelry, and their jewelry is at par with fine art pieces.

Golden Eye Alanya jewelry specializes in necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

A few of the other specialty items associated with Turkey are ceramics and rugs. But jewelry nevertheless stays as the quintessential element of Turkish trade. While modernistic jewelry is easy to source, so is Ottoman styled jewelry, and those made as a fusion of the two.

The rich culture of gold jewelry in Turkey is worth taking a look over.

Turkey has been recognized for its exquisite gold jewelry for centuries at a stretch. They have a number of examples from their age old mythology which relate to gold.

King Midas is the ruler of Phrygia. He is the emperor associated with the phase ‘Midas touch’. The legend says that everything that King Midas touched turned into gold.

The ruler once visited river Pactolus in order to wash himself off his golden touch. The river is said to carry gold till date.

The era of King Midas was followed by the Byzantine era, and the era of Constantinople, which is associated with a certain bit of glamour. In modern times, the original glory of Ottoman is restricted to trending TV series alone.

Past trends are visible in the present day Turkish Alanya jewelry. In the nation, gold is a part of with traditions and culture as well.

The glorious tradition of Turkish Alanya jewelry

Alanya Turkey Jewelry The glorious tradition of Turkish Alanya jewelry

Alanya Turkey Jewelry The glorious tradition of Turkish Alanya jewelry

Turkish gold jewelry is essentially unique in its styling. While the minimum finesse stays at .500, .585 and .750 are the most popular styles.

White gold and pink gold are a few popular metals used for jewelry, adored by Russian tourists and buyers in particular.

Turquoise is another stone that finds a deep rooted place in Turkish culture and tradition of jewelry alike. Apart from Turkey, prime manufacturers of turquoise are from Tibet, Iran, China and Egypt.

Turquoise is a commonly mined mineral in Turkey. The name also finds origins in Turkey. Turkey essentially is located on the ancient trade route between Europe and Persia.

The stone turquoise is at par with a national treasure in Turkey. The nation is lively with stories of bravery and valor associated with turquoise.

Among the best souvenirs from Turkey are the turquoise stones which are mounted on rings made in gold and silver. They are much loved by tourists from abroad.

Trabzon bracelet is yet another fine specimen of Turkish Alanya jewelry that makes a part of present day culture, and finds popularity, both locally and internationally. The bracelets are weaved at Trabzon, which is located at the Black Sea.

It was back in the 19th century that the production of trabzon bracelets had gotten underway. This was facilitated by settlements from Caucasus, who were skilled at weaving steel mesh.

Over time, the art transcended into weaving of fine threads made from gold or silver.

There are similarities between this method of producing gold, and filigree gold production. The skills for making bracelets of this kind have been transferred from one generation to the next.

Another one of prime attractions in the landscape of Turkish Alanya jewelry is onyx. While onyx essentially is a gemstone, it is often sculpted in typical ways by artists from Turkey.

Turkish artists make spice bowls, bathroom fixtures and vases using onyx. The items are sometimes entirely handmade. Their skills are very fine and intricate.

Another one of the most popular jewelry items from Turkey that finds much popularity across all places in the world is the evil eye pendant. The evil eye pendant is believed to have mystical properties and safeguards one against evil eye.

While a few people wear it as jewelry, few choose to decorate their homes with a larger version of the ornament. Few like it for its decorative value alone.

The theme finds much popularity across jewelry in Turkey, and comprises of a small eye over a sky blue background. This is used to create, charms, necklaces, amulets and pendants.

The little blue eye of an evil eye pendant always acts as reminder of the beautiful nation of Turkey. A few items of Turkish Alanya jewelry are a must have in one’s collection.

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